I Am Open

I'm a big yogi (well not lately... but, that's besides the point) and so the other day I got this email from My Yoga with a quiz that helps determine what my mantra could be for 2015.  Mind you, I am not one to make resolutions for the New Year simply because I don't keep them - I end up being disappointed in myself; however, I felt this quiz might help guide me, or give me something that I could focus on for 2015.  After 10 rather thoughtful questions, I thought, it turns out my mantra should be 'I Am Open'.  At first I thought this was not necessarily inaccurate, but not on point either.  However, now that I have had time to think about it, this is something that I will continue to tell myself throughout 2015.  I miss my home.  Really and truly I miss it.  But, I am open to new experiences.  I miss my old routines, but I am open to creating new ones.  I am scared of criticism, but I am open to listening.  Now, I encourage all of you to take this quiz to see what comes up.  Even if you don't believe in what yogi's practice, it could give you some guidance for 2015.  Check it out!

Now that I have my mantra, or at least one, I am open to focusing on my career.  And I don't mean my being a stay-at-home-mother-career.  I mean my passion for art, or rather, photography.  I have always and will forever feel a close bond with art.  Not only are there so many mediums to practice with, but it is a form of self expression that enables a person or group of people to voice their feelings, stances, beliefs or whatever moves them.  It wasn't until I found Art Intersection that I realized I wanted to be a photographer.  I know what you're thinking, "Geez! This woman is about the celebrate the second year of her 29th birthday and she is just NOW figuring out what she wants to do?!"  And I know.  I couldn't agree more.  But, it just so happens that I used my college years to find myself rather than find my career path.  I didn't get much of a childhood and I think that has played a huge role in my lack of developing a career for myself.  But, I am here now.  I am embracing it.  I am open.

And because this is a recent revelation of mine, I am still working out the kinks.  So each week I plan to work on a specific project pertaining to photography.  This week I decided to do a self portrait.  This is something I have done only once and I feel it was a botched attempt.  I'm not a big selfie person because I just don't care to look at photos of myself all the time.  I think there are many more interesting things to load my Instagram feed with.  


Doing a self portrait is difficult.  At least I think so.  Finding the right spot to stand, going back and forth to the camera to verify focal points, exposure settings, and whatever else goes wrong each time you take a shot.  And, on top of that, it is even more difficult when your full time job is having a complete melt down because his camo mittens are nowhere to be found.  The photo above was shot while I was making sure that my remote worked.  I was looking closely into the lens at this point because I couldn't get my remote to communicate to my camera.  Then the above happened.  As adorable as this is (according to my hubby) I wasn't completely happy with it.  I felt it lacked my artistic side.  So, I decided to go outside my comfort zone and attempt my portrait in public.  The laundry mat.  I frequent this weekly because we have yet to get a washer and dryer (AZ house must sell/rent first).  So, since I had a couple hours to kill, I played around.  This was the result.  Which I feel is quite fitting for me.

 Shenanigans at the laundry mat.  Inspired by  Imogen Cunningham .

Shenanigans at the laundry mat.  Inspired by Imogen Cunningham.

I feel that I still need to work on consistency with each photograph - especially my family photography.  This is something that will come with practice, I know.  At least I have two little helpers that are always willing to lend me a hand when I am in need of models.  With that, I will end this post with my favorite little people.  Hope you all had a beautiful holiday and I am wishing you a fabulous New Year.


Until next week, namaste.