Culture Shock

UGH!  I have been so irritated lately.  The snow.... it's awful!  We got THREE FEET of it the other day!!  I mean, really?  How does that even happen?!  And, I know, winter does not last forever, but I'm still going to complain and be unhappy about it.  It shocks me that people actually live here during the winters (me included).  I feel bad for anyone that has grown up here.  It's miserable.  And so am I.

And don't even get me started on the drivers.  You have to be on the defense at all times here.  The roads are so confusing and not even close to straight.  Some of these roads barely have enough room for two cars (and I'm talking about MAIN ROADS, not the rural ones).  No one seems to think that there is anyone else but themselves on the road either.  They'd sooner run you off the road than squeeze over a bit so that EVERYONE has room to drive.  At the same time, when someone is waiting to take a left turn into moving traffic, a driver from the moving will actually stop so that you can turn left.  As nice as it is, what is that all about?  NOW you're trying to make up for being such a jerk any other time you drive?  THOSE ARE NOT THE RULES OF THE ROAD!  It's so frustrating.

Another complaint: my feet are ALWAYS cold.  I have socks and slippers on at home all the time and I can never seem to get my tootsies to thaw.  The fire place is nice, but goodness, if the wind blows just a bit, we are blown away with smoke and for hours have to smell fire (which I have never been a fan of).  Then, our house is warmed by these weird vents that produce heat through a pipe that moves hot water through them.  Whoever thought of this... what were you thinking?  It's not efficient at all.  On the really cold days, our house doesn't get above 68°.  How could it when it's being heated with hot water!?!  So weird.

Finally, the people (again).  Could you smile please?  I mean, geez!  Stop glaring at me and give a little grin.  It wouldn't kill you!  Oh. Wait.  You're miserable about the snow, right?  Well, so am I.  But I still find it in me to say hello and smile at you.  Where's your humanity?  

So, his is how I feel lately.  But, I know that these feelings won't last.  I am experiencing culture shock.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is an actual psychological disorientation.  It is experienced when someone is subjected to an unfamiliar culture or way of life due to immigration or extreme changes (typically from one country to another).  It's real and I am experiencing it even though I stayed in the US.  There are five phases and luckily for me I am in the third stage called re-integration.  This is where I dislike the culture, language and food (Oh yeah!  Where is the good Mexican food around here? I need a REAL tamale).  I have developed prejudices towards my new home (this might be an understatement at the moment).  I feel angry, frustrated, and even hostile.  On top of that, I keep referring to Arizona as "back home", like we will be moving back there soon.  

 Dallas Clayton - This man is a HUGE inspiration to me.  I follow him on  Instagram  and think that he is just awesome.  Please check him out.

Dallas Clayton - This man is a HUGE inspiration to me.  I follow him on Instagram and think that he is just awesome.  Please check him out.

I really didn't think that I would experience culture shock.  I mean, come on, it's only Massachusetts.  But, I went from the desert where I had beautifully mild winters and lovely smelling rain to icy, snowy, crummy winters and rude people.  To give MA some credit, we have met a few people who are quite lovely.  But, they are few and far between.  One of those nice people we met last night... in New Hampshire.  It's funny because one of this first thing's she said to me was, "No wonder you're so nice!"  This was after I told her that we just moved from AZ.  She told me that she was from FL and has been out here for almost 13 years.  Our sons we playing so well together that I was actually able to hand her my card in hopes that we would one day be able to get together again.  She doesn't know it, but she put a little faith back in my opinion of MA and New England.  Thank you.

So, there you go.  My ranting.  I needed to get it out.  Please do not take offense New Englanders, I will warm up to you eventually.  It may take me 30 years, but please understand that I was trained in Arizona.  Such differences between the two states.  I continue to search for inspirations and people that fit my life style.  I have found some great photography groups and am starting to venture into exhibiting my work.  Above you will see a piece by a beautiful human being named Dallas Clayton.  Follow him on Instagram please.  You will not be disappointed.  He inspires me to be better and happy and loving and caring.  I just wish I knew him personally.  This Earth needs more people like him.

And, on another note, if I had to choose a team, of course if would be The Patriots.  Good Luck guys!