Detox and Business

Nothing major this week.  Although, I finally stepped on a scale and was not happy with the outcome.  I have gained 7 lb. since I've moved here.  I've resorted to making things and eating them rather than practice yoga and go outside.  In my defense, it's too cold for anyone to go outside.  

Ideally,  I'd like to be 12 lb. less than I am now.  Realistically, I will probably lose the 7 lb. I gained - and that's fine by me.  I bought warmer running clothes (about a month ago...), but I fear running in this cold.  And lately, it has been biting cold.  I'll start running in a couple weeks when it's not so bad.  Until then, my goal is to cut down, if not all the way out, my sugar intake.  I love chocolate.  What can I say?  It comforts me.  But, sugar is simply no good.  It's an addiction and it is something that I need to work on ridding my life of.

I also have some great ideas for future projects.  I have been watching a lot of Creative Live lately and have found it to be so inspirational.  I watched a couple of episodes from Jen Rozenbaum's sessions about her boudoir photography business.  She is such a breath of fresh air.  Her logic and reason behind her business is what makes her stand out and be such an inspiration to everyone wanting a successful photography business.  So, check out Creative Live, it's a great place!  You might even be able to check out some of her class.

 Project Snow : Finding tranquility in freshly fallen snow.

Project Snow : Finding tranquility in freshly fallen snow.

Looked at two other houses this week.  Both of them were newer homes, one in the early 20th century and the other was from 1970s.  The layouts were weird.  So, The Mulpus House (which is what we call it due to the street it's on) is still in for the running.  We have to put together some pricing and schedules, but, if I have my way and the price is right, we will be renovating.  Oh, and it was confirmed that no one has died in Mulpus House.  There were family stories about someone falling into a well out back and dying, but there is no proof and the well has been long coved up.