Hello Warmth

I had no idea what to write about this week.  That's why I'm late with my Sunday post.  I seem to have lost some drive... but, the weather is proving to be quite nice when the sun is out and it's in the 40s and 50s.  Spring is here and I am so ready to get out of this house and breath some fresh air.  So excited.  


Been playing with my new lens.  I haven't worked with such a wide angle before and I am struggling a bit.  I have, however, started getting more comfortable with taking my camera into places like the library, the grocery market and the hardware store.  I feel so weird.  Anyway, above is a shot I got in the kitchen.  I love this photo so much because it shows what both of my kids are into at the moment.  Scarlett is adamant about my phone (she rarely gets to play on it).  Liam is really using his imagination and loves robots and outer space stuff.

We put in an offer for a tiny historical house.  We have the inspection this weekend and, if all goes well, we will be moved in by June 1st.  We are so excited about our new future home!  It will be perfect for our little family.

Sorry for the short, not so involved post this week.  Until next week... or whenever... namaste.