For Grandpa

I miss my grandparents.  My grandfather turned 79 this year and my grandmother will be 80.  They have been such a solid foundation in my life that it is hard for me to think of life without them.  My parents struggled with may things, one of them being their relationship.  I know a lot of it had to do with substance abuse.  I genuinely believe they loved each other though - they weren't around long enough to show their children what their relationship was like.  So, our grandparents took on that role (whether they knew it or not).

My grandfather fought in the Vietnam War and is highly decorated. He was a pilot.  My grandmother was a teacher and a secretary (from what I know) and graduated from AZ State University.  My grandmother is a funny woman who is great at telling jokes.  My grandfather loves french fries and talking about investments.  They have shown nothing but respect and love for each other and that has made a huge impression on me (and I am sure all of my siblings and cousins as well).

I try to talk to my grandparents weekly.  My grandfather has Parkinson's and it is the hardest thing I have had to watch - can't imagine what my grandmother is going through.  Grandpa has always been such a strong man.  He just shouldn't have to go out that way.  It's almost that time for him I think and I just wish it were more honorable for him.  He deserves honorable.  And not because he was in the military and fought for his country, no, it's because he is simply a good man.  He loves his wife and he has done good things.  

 My Grandpa in high school.  This is why I love photography.

My Grandpa in high school.  This is why I love photography.

Until next time, namaste.