Forgiveness and Parenting

Watched an episode of Parenthood - the one where Joel and Julia get back together.  I realized how important forgiveness is.  J & J are such a beautiful couple together.  Not only are they highly attractive, they are kind and gentle and caring and giving and loving.  They are the epidimy of the American Dream.  I feel that their relationship deserved a second chance and I was happy to see that they both felt the same way.  What makes me sad is thinking that our divorce rate includes a lot of couples who, if practiced forgiveness, would still be happily married today.  Those poor children involved in that divorce too.  Anyway, my point is, that episode really taught me something.  It is weird how much I have learned from that show.

Then, the other day, a friend from high school posted an article (or blog - couldn't tell what it was from my phone) about how we as parents have stressed ourselves out.  We constantly try to be perfect and make things perfect for out children.  We run ourselves ragged.  I am constantly worried that my children aren't getting enough.  That they aren't learning enough.  Most of this comes from outside sources constantly questioning what I decide to do with my children.  But, I am also worried that I am not being enough of a parent.  When I read that article, it was like a lightbulb went on.  My mother, bless her heart, had FOUR daughters.  And as far back as I can remember my sisters and I spent a large majority of the time away from her.  Not because she was a horrible mother, but because she told us to go play.  And we did.  That was what we should have been doing.  My babes are still pretty young, but even still, they should be playing.  And I don't feel guilty for that.  And I won't.  Not anymore at least.

This is an edited blog post.  I decided to post a photo of Scarlett in the tub.  I just love her expression.  Namaste