Marriage is a Tough Job

I wake up every morning and briefly check my email, my Facebook, my Twitter, and my Instagram.  I have a few silent moments and I allow myself to catch up on the world.  This morning I came across an article discussing why marriage doesn't work anymore.  This post is in response to that.  

Lack of sex, finances, use of modern technology, desire for attention vs. desire for love, and lack of privacy are the five things that are a married couple's current demise.  I do not disagree with this.  All of these points are spot on when it comes to the difficulties we face as married couples in today's world.  My husband and I have dealt with some of these (and we will probably be faced with them again).  However, I don't think that they should be used as excuses as to why a marriage doesn't work.

To me, that's exactly what they are.  Excuses.  When a couple decides to get married, they PROMISE each other that they will stand by the other's side until death parts them.  They vow to support one another even if there isn't sex, even when they are poor, and even if social media takes over the world and they can only speak to one another via written text.  It's called evolution (not the scientific kind... or maybe it is...).  We evolve as a couple and as a society.  One has to be willing to roll with the punches and muscle through them if they seriously want their marriage to work.  It's tough.

If you ask me, humans are not a monogamous species.  I think we naturally desire to be with more than one person. (However, I also think that naturally we do not want to die alone.  It's a catch-22.)  I think society has, for a seriously long time, embedded marriage into us.  Not that this is wrong, I just think we, as humans, find marriage challenging.  And because of that, it's easy for us to divorce.  We become different people over time.  We change mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Others might not change at all.  All of this will go on and on until we are no longer.  There will always be struggle.

Marriage is difficult.  Plain and simple.  There will always be obstacles to challenge our marital agreements.  We have to be willing and open minded enough to work our way through the difficult parts.  This is how we grow as a couple.  Divorce does not have to be a bad thing.  Sometimes it's OK to say that things are not working and that they probably will never work.  Don't blame it on text messaging and Facebook though.  It's your own situation that is the problem.  

Until next time, namaste.