Horses, Goats and a Boy

So, after moving across country and after spending nearly four months of winter being cooped up in our house, I decided to reach out to my new community and offer a few free photo sessions.  Here are a few shots of the final session that I did.  I was so thrilled to meet some of the people of Lunenburg, and even better, to photograph the children of our community.  And, lucky for me, the people that I had the chance to photograph were beyond awesome!

Here is a boy who is absolutely incredible.  He is free spirited, loves sports and is very well behaved (I think this says a lot about Mom).  He showed me his goats, his horses and his giant dog... and the wee little dog too.  I was moved by the fact that the animals (specifically ponies/horses) are used to aid in the behavioral, emotional and social development of children and adults - just the gesture of such a service is something super special.  I felt honored to meet this wonderful family and look forward to seeing them again.

Sarah CoonComment