family time

It's hard sometimes.  To be an adult.  To work, and take care of kids, and clean, and pay bills, and cook, and do laundry, and soccer practice.....  It's nice to have a day off sometimes.  A day to do nothing.  And to make time for family portraits is not necessarily on the top of everyone's to-do list for a day where you might not have to do anything.  But, and I'm saying this as a parent/wife, it is very important to capture a family as often as possible.  Times goes by much to quickly and as adults we realize that capturing these moments are something worth cherishing.

Moore Sm-15.jpg

Fortunately, for me, this beautiful family made the time.  And even though I was greeted with a scowl by the oldest daughter at first, she warmed up and gave me some beautiful images.  It was a pleasure to spend a Sunday morning with this family and I hope that I really do get to spend more time with them.  Maybe, this time, with no camera involved.  

Sarah CoonComment