it's magic

I hope that every person has a place that they can say they love.  A place that changes you.  A place that empowers you do dream of things that you never thought you'd do, or see, or feel.  This place, for me (and the hubby) is Maine.  For whatever reason (maybe it's the smell), Maine provides me the opportunity to refresh and evaluate.  It does the same for my husband.  

I didn't grow up around water.  And, quite frankly, I'm not a huge fan of being in it or around it. However, Maine changes that.  Dolphins and their young swimming just out of reach.  Seals playing and popping up here an there playing a game with whomever cares to watch.  Seagulls torturing each other for whatever scraps they may have found.  Hunting for the perfect piece of sea glass all day and coming home full of perfect sea shells instead.  It never ends.


Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park is by far my most fav spot in Maine.  Acadia is a beauty of a place that is over the top refreshing.  There is a constant smell of pine and sea in the air that makes a person forget about anything in the city.  You can even take home a pillow of the smell... not that it's the same.  Pop overs and blueberries.  Blooming flowers and perfect walking paths.  There is nothing about this place that I would ever get sick of.


Maine holds some of my most fondest memories.  Especially of my husband.  It makes us want to live life.  To be spontaneous.  To feel.  To be.  To let go and to enjoy what we have while we have it.