The Lake House

Across the Lake


thank you.


There once was a family who owned a lake house that is no doubt something very special.  Nothing spectacular, but something that is truly magical.  This house has been in the family for over thirty years.  And, during that time love grew, children grew, and families grew.  What was once comfortable became overcrowded.  But, all the same, the magic continued to grow.  

This house, which we shall name The Lake House (because, that's what it is), isn't really what makes this house so awesome.  It's the family who gives this lake house it's special qualities.  This family isn't perfect, and they don't claim to be, but they try and they love and they are compassionate.  It is quite obvious that The Lake House has had something to do with the molding of this family. The house leaves one with an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace hope.  At least it did for me.

I am forever thankful to this family for allowing me to share their lovely treasure with them.  I look forward to many more gatherings with you and The Lake House.  Until next time, namaste.