cherry hill

We moved here In the Fall of last year.  When we arrived, all the leaves on the trees had fallen off and it appeared at times that people did not actually live here.  It seemed desolate and dark.  Then Winter came, and...well, we all know how that went.  I was convinced that there was nothing here that could give us anything that was worth looking forward to.  Most places we heard about were "closed for the season".  This does not happen in AZ.  Everything is always "in season".  So, when Cherry Hill FINALLY opened in the Spring, we went on opening day.  And, every week since then (almost).

Not only do they have the best ice cream in town (or within 25 miles of Lunenburg in our opinion), they have a wonderful piece of land that can be enjoyed by all that care to enjoy it.  They have warmed our hearts with their never ending list of flavors and concoctions that make even the most healthiest of people beg for more.  

We enjoyed some birthday cake, and chocolate extreme, and chocolate cupcake, and moose tracks last night while we played and basked in the final rays of the day's sun.  I want to thank Cherry Hill from the bottom of my heart for giving my family a place that we can remember as something truly special.  Our faith (in our move across country) was restored the day we took our first bite of your ice cream.  Really and truly, thank you.