senior love

Every year we say the same thing.... I can't believe it's August already!  As adults, the time seems to go by faster and faster each year.  I understand why this happens (too much to do in a day), but it's just not fair.  That's why I think I like taking photographs of Seniors so much.  They are at the brink of the rest of their lives.  They have their future ahead of them.  Bright eyes yearning for adventure and learning.  Minds that are full of wonder and aspiration.  They still have doubts, but they are young and willing and time does not go by so quickly for them.  At least so it seems.

I remember when I was a senior.  I remember my senior portraits being taken.  It was the mark of the end of my adolescence (which has a different meaning for me now... adolescence).  I remember being afraid of being an "adult" and wondering what the rest of my life would look like.  Ha!  What I am living now could have never been imagined at that time.  The point I am trying to make is this: right now is not forever.  Seniors, you have so much to give.  Do not, for one second, believe that you cannot do something.  Even if it doesn't happen at this moment, there is still time.  Believe me.  Work hard enough, and it is yours.  Whatever it may be.  You just have to work for it.

Greet the world with kindness, compassion, empathy, and peace.  I guarantee the world will open it's arms to you with the same love.  Until next time, namaste.


**Hair and makeup in last two photographs by Brogan Ulf.**