fair fun

I know I talked about Stillman Dairy last week, but this week they had their first annual community fair.  Trucks, food and fun is what we took away from the event.  It was full of people and vendors all looking to do one thing: raise money for the local food bank.  We had such a great time!  I was able to capture some of our moments.

We were able to take a small tour of the milking facilities.  The whole time the guide was telling us about the operations of the dairy, I couldn't help but stare at these awesome milk jugs.

My babes took to this awesome old Jeep like they had been on it a million times before.  Scarlett, of course, wanted to read the information card, and Liam headed straight to the steering wheel.  This was one of the coolest items to look at (if you as me).  

Stillman Fair-8.jpg

Finally, while waiting for the tractor ride, the kids spent their time breaking in the new backhoe.    I think this was the biggest hit with the kids.