I am a HUGE fan of raw milk.  I found it when I was in AZ and fell in love!  Unprocessed milk directly from the cow.  I mean, can you get any better?!  And, not only do I get fresh milk, but I get to visit with some pretty happy cows at the same time!  Eek! (I love cows by the way.  They make me incredibly happy with their big eyes and beautiful lashes.)  Anyway, when we moved out here I figured it would be a cinch to find a local dairy.  Well, sure enough, not more than ten minutes from my house is Stillman Dairy Farm!  Uh... jackpot!  I have been visiting "the dairy" just about every week since we have moved here (unless I run out of milk on Sunday night... they aren't open on Monday...). Oh, yeah, they're open in the winter too... thank goodness!  They do lightly pasteurize their milk, but it still has that same fresh taste.  Earthier than what you find in the grocery store.  

I know that I first moved here I was super sad about not being at home.  I wasn't a fan of ANYTHING in my new town and it just couldn't compare to HOME.  After all, home is where the heart is.  But, in my almost one year here, I have found a few places that give me comfort.  The dairy is one of those places.  

Then... oh yeah, but wait... there's more.  Then, I found the Stillman Farm Stand!  What!?  A farm stand, and a dairy!  I have to be in heaven!  Well, they are not one in the same, but they are right down the street from one another.  So, I have made it a routine to visit both the dairy and the farm stand every Thursday for the past couple months.  It is a weekly "chore" that I genuinely look forward to.  I really hate going to the grocery store.  My kids are always asking for a donut or a cookie.  Or, I have to battle, "We want this.... no, we want that!"  And none of the this' or that's are good for them.  So I have to tell them NO.  And, if anyone has ever raised a 3 and 4 year old, you know what happens when you tell a them no.  So, now, with the dairy and the farm stand, I get to avoid all of that.  "Can we have raspberries Mom!?  Oo, and blackberries? Please??"  Uh... yeah.  Sure can kiddo.  Don't have to ask this momma twice.

OH!  And did I mention the fabulousness of this produce!  Holy moly!  See, I came from a desert.  We frequented the farmer's market in our city, but the produce is nothing compared to this (Please don't get me wrong, the Phoenix Metro area is bursting with farm to table produce and meats.  It's just that the soil is a lot more difficult to work with and so you don't get what you can get out here).  There is an taste, a flavor that makes these fruits and veggies come alive.  The green beans are fuzzy and green and positively divine.  The cucumbers are sweet and refreshing.  And, don't get me started on the corn.  I have never had corn with such flavor!!  The imperfections of the bell peppers makes the artist in me weep a little - they are entirely too beautiful.  

I am still far from home.  I still miss the AZ heat and the smell of rain and the mountains and the cactus and the roadrunners... But, in Lunenburg, I have found many little gems that make up for what I have to miss out on back home.  The food that nurtures my family and myself, I am happy to say, primarily comes from local sources.  And, I know that there are many other farms out there that I have yet to try (and believe me, I will try them), I am just thankful that I have theses two local businesses so close to me,  providing such awesomeness.  Thank you!