Farandnear + Family Photo Fun

It's been almost two years since our little family packed up everything we own and moved far far away.  This isn't the first time a family has done this, and it's obviously not the last.  But, it was the first for us.  And, it's still pretty difficult to get used to.

Since moving out here, we have met some pretty cool people.  We have met some diehard New Englanders.  We have met some of the rudest people we have ever encountered.  I think they refer to themselves as Massholes ;)  But, then there's this family.  This family might be one or all of those people I just described, but to me, they are understanding, kind, fun, and totally worth having in your contact list.  

Not only was I able to shoot this family portrait session in record time due to their over the top well behaved children, but they made me feel something I have not felt since I've been out here.  I felt accepted.  They understood my want (and desperate need) to go back to where my heart is.  THEY UNDERSTOOD.  Something most people just want to defend.  "Why would you want to leave this?!?"  "Isn't it too hot in Arizona?" "Too many things that can kill you in Arizona!"  It's home.  There's just nothing else I can say.  And this beautiful family accepted that from me.  I could not appreciate that more.


Thank you so much for sharing your time with me.  You guys are awesome humans and I love that you let me photograph you!  Namaste.

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