Mount Watatic + "Do I Get To See Every Image You Take?"

I spent Columbus Day hiking Mount Watatic with this Class of 2017 Senior.  He made me hike three miles up a mountain so he could get some images at the top.  I wasn't really looking forward to it.  Not that I don't like being in nature, I just don't like hiking.  Not at all.  But, I have to say that the view, and these images, made it all worth it.

Along our hiking journey, I was asked if he would be able to see every image that I got that day.  I answered very simply that he could not.  But, it got me thinking, why would he want to see my unfinished product anyway?  It's not the first time I had been asked this question, but this time it made me want to step back and explain WHY any professional (or aspiring professional) would NOT show a client their unfinished work.

Mt. Watatic Senior Portrait 3

A photographer is not only an image maker, they are also curator, a story teller.  

A photographer makes images using their camera - this is only the very beginning of what ends up to be the final product.  Once they have the images, they cull, or pair down to the best images from the session.  Typically, the images that didn't make the cut are those with closed eyes, pursed lips, weird arm placement...  And, the images that didn't make the cut are because of the photographer's eye.  The eye a client paid for.   

The culled images are then edited according to the photographer's preferences and paired down further if need be.  The photographer will then prepare for their presentation of the images.  This is where the client sees their story.  

A photograph's journey is not yet complete until an album has been curated, a canvas placed properly on a wall, or a digital file sized appropriately.  Each photographer is different, and each story is different.  Every client seeks something unique in their photographer, and it's the end product that they are looking at, not the raw images.

Thank you Mitchell for asking me this question.  And, out of the over 200 images that I took, I paired it down to 40 for you.  Which I know makes you wonder what the other 160+ images look like, but trust me when I say that aren't good ;)  These one's here though, you rocked!

Until next time, namaste.

Sarah CoonComment