Getting Unstuck

 Sometimes, you just need a hug.

Sometimes, you just need a hug.

This week has been tough for me.  I am stuck.  Emotionally, mentally, physically, visually.  I just can't seem to get out of it.  I have been challenged in so many ways this week, especially with my emotions.  I am naturally an emotional person, which doesn't typically bother me.  I like that I get teary eyed at small stories of triumph.  I like that I get angry when people don't give value to themselves.  I like that I get frustrated when I get lost - which happens a lot.  But, this week took all of these emotions to the next level.  And I can't seem to shake it.

So, I took to google.  I looked for ways to become unstuck.  To let emotions ride the wave and be what they are, but find that fine line where I can feel these emotions, but not struggle with them so much.  This is what I found.

Try to find the perfect.  

We are naturally emotional people.  And when we are in an emotional rut, it's hard to see past anything else.  But, taking a moment to think of all the perfect things can lighten things up a bit and get those neurotransmitters generating the happy stuff that keeps us going.  

For me, my babes are perfection (even where they're screaming and hitting each other).  My fish, The Alchemist, is a beauty to watch swim around his bowl.  My bed with it's fluffy pillow and lavender scent makes for the perfect end to every day.  My husband with his awesome beard and his handsome face, who never stops supporting me, even when I'm wrong.  These are perfect and that does make me happy.


This is the toughest for me.  Letting yourself give in to the feelings and just allowing them to be there.  It's ok to feel the way you feel.  Acknowledge these feelings and just let them be.  Don't try to get rid of them or devalue them, but rather, give them a chance to do their thing and, hopefully you'll be able to learn from them.  And, if you don't learn anything, that's ok too.  They won't last forever.

Breathe and move.

I am a huge advocate for yoga.  I do about 30 minutes at least three times a week (I'd prefer daily).  And, its not even the tough stuff.  Just simply stretching and lightly moving the body to get the juices flowing really helps me clear my heard, loosen my body, and release toxins that can bring me down physically.  I try to do it first thing in the morning so that I don't forget.  This is my go to when I am just not feeling well (in any sense).  (This week though, yoga has not done for me what it normally does.  Which makes me sad.)

Meditation and mindfullness.

Mindfulness is defined as the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.  Meditation can help you get there.  Being mindful allows us to accept how we feel, ultimately surrendering to the emotions and allowing them to pass without forcing anything.  Accepting things for what they are, people for who they are, and emotions for how they make us feel. 

**Please keep in mind that mindfulness is much deeper than what I am talking about here.  I have read many articles discussing the positive effects that mindfulness has played in the corporate world and for those who have high stress jobs.  Companies are now offering mindfulness courses and time during the work week for their employees to regroup themselves.  To meditate.  Please check out this article for further info on mindfulness and it's awesomeness.   

Until next time, namaste.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” - Dalai Lama


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