The Stevens Estate + Romantic Wedding

This day just couldn't have been better for any bride & groom.  Stevens Estate in North Andover was stunning.  Weather was perfect with a mild breeze to keep the sweat at bay.  Nothing was out of sync and everything was on time.  Just, a perfect day for a wedding ceremony.

These ladies were so much fun to work with!  They had their matching robes and fondness of champagne - and the romantic feel of Stevens Estate made it simply easy to photograph.

And then the wedding dress.  This dress!!  Oh... My... Goodness... Even on the freakin' hanger it looked amazing!  Put it on the bride, and even I was breathless.  This dress was defiantly made for her.

 Simple.  Elegant.  Romantic.  

Simple.  Elegant.  Romantic.  

Because of the Groom's Italian heritage, the couple choose to write a letter to each other and store it in a wine box with a bottle of wine.  The letters and wine will be revealed on their 5th wedding anniversary.  **LOVE**

 We channeled some  Bridesmaids  (the movie) for a fun, candid shot.

We channeled some Bridesmaids (the movie) for a fun, candid shot.

The sun was totally in our favor for the bridal and family portraits.  And, again, the bride couldn't have been more stunning.  

As they are on their way to Italy for their honeymoon, I can only think of how lucky I was to be apart of this day.  To capture their moments.  To see their love.  Until next time, namaste.

Sarah CoonComment