California Wedding + Daniele & Ruben

This past weekend I was able to not only capture a beautiful wedding, but I also got to spend time with family I haven't seen in years.  Some of them it had been so long that they have had babies and their babies have grown.  One of them has been living outside the US and married a beautiful French woman.  Another has dreads for hair.  Others, like my sisters, it had only been months, but felt like years.  And as I type this I cry because I only wish that I could still be with them.  All of them.  You see, I am fortunate enough to actually adore and love my family with every fiber of my being, which makes this blog post that much more special for me.

My darling cousin, Daniele, is one of those people who has the patience of a saint and the beauty of a Disney Princess, like Aurora, may FAV. ;)  And, it wasn't a surprise to us when she found a man equally as awesome as she.  My heart swells with happiness every time I think of Daniele & Ruben.  With their super cool movie jobs and their endless love for one another, they remind us all what true love is really about.  Love.

Thank you Daniele & Ruben for reminding us all how to love with compassion and tenderness.  Thank you for showing us happiness.  And, above all else, thank you for sharing your day with us.  The memories that were made at your wedding will surely live on for the rest of our lives and it's because two beautiful people fell in love.  With all my heart, namaste.

Sarah CoonComment