Kittery, ME Wedding + Nautical Love

It's Saturday morning and I am stoked.  I get to spend another day in Maine (my family and I took a mini vaca last weekend in Acadia National Park) at a wonderful wedding in Kittery.  It's my second favorite place next to Arizona. Anyway, the day seemed to be set up perfectly for me.  Had super awesome goat's milk yogurt and granola for breakfast, and the weather seemed to be promising (at least in the afternoon).  

Bags are packed and I'm on the road.  Traffic is smooth and the radio obviously knows I'm listening because it's one good song after another.  Then, traffic stops.  Literally, traffic and my stride came to a complete stop.  The 495N and 95N is backed up for 30 miles between the two.  I was going to be so late.

Not only that, but on the way to this most fabulous wedding that I'm no going to be late to, I get a call from the company we have out mooring through (our boat parking space), saying that our boat is sinking, HA!  Did ya read that?  OUR BOAT IS SINKING.  Yeah.  I actually chuckled a bit when he told me.  

The day went by, as they do.  I made it by the skin of my teeth to the ceremony (which I was as on time as a person can get, but from a professional's standpoint, I was totally and completely LATE).  Our boat was indeed sinking, it will be home this evening for the winter while we make whatever repairs are needed.  My husband informed me that boat is actually an acronym for "Break Out Another Thousand".  Just like HD (Harley Davidson) means "Hundred Dollars" - it cost a hundred dollars every time you start it.  I do believe these statements are correct now and wished I knew them prior to allowing my husband to purchase either of them.

Why am I telling this?  Well, I obviously had to reflect on this bad day.  It wasn't the worst day, but it was bad.  And, stressful.  And, I was having a hard time understanding why this all had to happen.  You know, that question we all ask ourselves when we have tough days, "Why me...?".

It's a pity party, I know, but it's hard not to feel that way.  But, I realized the things that happened were rookie mistakes.  I should have known to leave at least one hour before my arrival time to the wedding because of how far away it was.  And, well, the boat is not our fault.  And, least not at the moment.  Once we get it home and inspect it, we'll know for sure. But that one baffles us.  And, quite frankly, it's super annoying.

Again, why am I tell this?  Because I am learning.  As you are too.  As a human, we are all learning, every minute of every day.  I know now to give myself more time.  Even if that means I arrive too early.  I can always read a book.  And, with the damn boat, we probably need to check in on it more.  Lessons learned.

This thing we call life is a constant evolution, not only on a global scale, but for each of us personally.  We may not be in school anymore, but every day we are being taught new information.  We are being tested.  It's challenging, and tough, and full of surprises but it can be so rewarding too.  And, if it weren't for the tough times, we wouldn't appreciate the good ones as much.  I think the bad days remind us how good we really have it.  Namaste.

Sarah CoonComment