Gibbet Hill + Class of 2017 Senior Kayleigh

What can I say.... Spending time with, and photographing this absolutely stunning young woman was more than I could have asked for.  Not only is she super sweet and easy to get along with, but she is down to earth and totally fun to be around.

While she's busy applying to colleges and taking AP courses, she is also playing volleyball and being annoyed by her little brother.  She will be attending college next year, working to become an art therapist.  


Her smile is beyond contagious and she has this light that shines on absolutely everything she gets near.  I was fortunate enough to be a something that her light graced.  And, I will forever remember our session because of that light.  Thank you Kayleigh.  You are a perfect example of what our future could look like if we all smiled more and loved unconditionally.

Until next time, namaste.

Sarah CoonComment