Pat & Charlotte in Maine

Nearing the end of wedding season and a photographer can start to get anxious.  Our Saturdays have been taken up for the past 5 month or so and our remaining time is spent editing, consulting, and time lining.  By time October/November nears, we're ready to sleep in and binge watch Netflix shows.  I will say though, there isn't a wedding that goes by that I don't tear up.  And this gorgeous couple wasn't the exception.  They reminded me that love is powerful.  So powerful in fact, that I ended up making a mental note that I wouldn't mind extending my season next year - even if it did mean another wedding Saturday.  Witnessing one human tell another human that they will spend the rest of their life making that other human happy, that moves mountains.  It reassured me that love is still present and it can conquer.  

To this beautiful bride and groom, thank you.  You filled my heart and gave me a sense of hope.  I'll never forget this feeling.  Here's to you and your future!  xox