Why A Photograph Is So Much More Than A Digital Image.


I had so much fun this past week getting to know some of the brides I met at my recent bridal show!  It is always such a pleasure getting to know these ladies and being able to capture such a special moment for them.  And while talking to these brides I found that I was being asked the same question again and again.  And it wasn't just the brides that were asking this question.  It was also those inquiring about portrait sessions as well.

"Well, I only want the digital images.  Do you have a collection that has only the digital images?"

No.  I do not have collections with only Digital images.  And, here's why.

One.  Digital images are not a guarantee.  What happens if your computer crashes?  Or maybe you get a new computer and don't have the hardware to transfer the images?  I have my entire wedding on CDs and can't view those CDs now on my new computer and Laptop.  

Two.  You cannot pass down a digital image like you can a photograph.  As fabulous as technology is, it still can't beat a shoe box full of photographs.

Three.  You are more than likely never going to do anything with those digital images.  As a print photographer, I create that for you - I do that for you.  Telling your story and printing it.  Making it a permanent part of history.  Your history.

Four.  The final and most important reason to have a photograph created for yourself is because YOU are worth making your mark in history.  You are work creating something for.  You are worth passing down from one generation to the next.  Being remembered and adored.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

This generation is being dubbed 'The Lost Generation'.  People are not having photographs made of themselves, so, there is no tangible evidence of their existence.  Nothing to pass down to their children and grand children.  

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." - Dorothea Lang

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