A Hope Chest and an Engagement

There once was a boy who had the loveliest of grandmothers.  She told him that one day, he would be able to take her hope chest and give it to the woman he would find he wanted to spend the rest of his life came.  At the time, the boy didn't care and shrugged off the hope chest.  He hadn't quite realized that one day, he would understand the significance of the hope chest.

Then, one day, many years later, that same hope chest was picked up and taken to a new home.  It was placed in a bedroom.  In it, it held a little black box.  The boy had fallen in love.  The boy knew now who he would give the hope chest to.

The girl knew about the hope chest, and when she saw it she only wondered how he had gotten it.  She didn't even think about the symbol this piece of furniture encompassed.  Until she opened it.  Gently she unwrapped the little black box.  Once she saw it, she knew the hope chest was for her, and it wasn't just for quilts and storage,  it was to hold their love.  She knew the boy had found his love.  She knew she loved him.

Here's to this amazing couple who taught me a bit about true love.  I am very excited to see them at the altar in less than a year.  Until then, may they find nothing but more happiness.  Namaste.

Sarah CoonComment