A Work in Progress

I watched a documentary on Jimmy Hendrix the other night.  I was amazed to see the actual footage of him talking about his work and how HE feels about it.  His music.  His life.  At one point he said something like," ...we're not just throwing this together, we think deeply about what we write and what we produce."  He was talking about his music (many criticized the way he played the guitar... dumb-dumbs).  But, this comment that he made resonated with me.  

I am CONSTANTLY working on being a better photographer.  I am learning, I am evolving, I am finding my way.  But, I struggle.  Perfecting something is hard work.  Really really hard.  And, I want to be a professional, like Jimmy.  Not just someone who gets great shots, but someone who CONSISTENTLY produces AMAZING images.  

This past weekend I was lucky enough to photograph this lovely wedding with all of 27 guests.  It was quiet, it was well planned and decorated, and, above all, it was filled with happiness and love.  The kind of happiness and love that makes a person stop and remember what life is really all about.  Simply, love and Happiness.  


Sarah CoonComment