Enticing You to Love Yourself

This month has been AMAZING!  I have been able to work with some of the coolest women.  Not only are they brilliant and charming and kind and loving, but they are positively STUNNING!  Yes, a little makeup and a nice curl helps, but that's not what makes these women so lovely.  It's they themselves that bring that X factor to the camera.  I couldn't do what I do without them.  Without YOU!  (And, by the way, all hair and makeup has been done by the most fabulous Kashmir.  Without her, I don't know what I'd do ;) )

I encourage you to speak AT LEAST one kind thing about yourself today.  Don't look in the mirror and criticize your nose or your thighs yet again.  Instead, use that energy to love yourself and find the beauty in yourself.  If we can't love ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to. 


Until next time, namaste.