What Should You Expect From Your Photographer

My bestie of 18 years text me the other day asking how long it took me to get my images back to my clients.  I told her about a week.  Then I inquired about her family portraits and she told me that she still hadn't seen any of the images, except for a few as a sneak peak... OVER FIVE WEEKS AGO!  This got me thinking about what I want my clients to expect from me, or any photographer, and why they should expect it.

you shouldn't wait more than two weeks to see your portrait session images.  This includes family, senior, newborn, maternity, boudoir... there's just no reason for it.

 Fall Family Photo Session, Lunenburg MA, 2015

Fall Family Photo Session, Lunenburg MA, 2015

I asked my friend if she had a contract with this photographer.  She did not.  Which I guess is ok for the amount of money she paid, but there is nothing saying that she will get her images in any amount of time.  There is no promise.

Contracts solidify the agreement between a photographer and their client.  It protects one of the photographers most important tools, time.  It also gives the client assurance that the photographer will do what they said they would do and in the time they promise.  It is a courtesy for everyone to have a contract.

And how much did my friend pay you ask? Fifty bucks.  

Photography is one of those services where you get what you pay for.  A photographer should never charge more than they are worth.  This can be misleading to potential clients.

In this case, she paid $50 and is getting what she paid for.  That doesn't mean that she shouldn't be frustrated and angry.  The photographer did make an agreement, and that should be upheld.  

 Fall Family Portrait Session, Lunenburg MA, 2015

Fall Family Portrait Session, Lunenburg MA, 2015

My friend continued to tell me that she asked the photographer when she would get her images.  The photographer couldn't tell her when they would be ready, but that she would work on them when she could.  

Your photographer should give you honest and reasonable time frames and expectations.  You should know what is going to happen next and when the final product will be available.

To my friend, I only wish I could have taken those images for you.  But, until that time, please spend just a little more money and make sure to have a signed agreement.  Love you darling!

Until next time, namaste.