Loving Who You Are

This beauty came into my studio.  She has spunk.  She has charisma.  She is full of life.  But I was also told that she doesn't always see herself as amazingly as I do.  And, at 11 years old, there's no reason she shouldn't feel as though she has the world at her fingertips.

I remember being that age.  I was bullied.  Kids poured itching powder down my back.  I was teased with "boring Dohring" (my maiden name).  I was teased horribly because I couldn't afford certain clothes and my parents could provide the same things the other kids had.  I just couldn't quite fit in.  And, looking back on it, that sucked.  A lot.  So, I was hoping, by getting this age into my studio, that I could somehow alter the way this age group interacts with one another.  If I could just somehow show them all that they, each and every one of them, are so unique and so different, that it's impossible to completely fit in.  That there's no way that we will all get along.  That, if we just accept each other as being different, then we could move past the idea of "weirdos" and concentrate on being kind.  Being our own individuals.  Using that individuality as our strength and making this world stronger and more compassionate with it.  Just maybe....  Right?

I'm not sure I accomplished anything with this session.  But I will tell you, this young lady now has a chance to see herself the way another person might see her.  I may not be one of her peers, but I am another human sharing this most wonderful world with her, and I hold tight to the thought that we somehow conquered something here.  


Sarah CoonComment