Wedding at The Mansion at Bald Hill

I kept checking my weather app the week leading up to their wedding day.  It kept saying there would be rain in the forecast, but I just didn't want to believe it.  I also know how incredibly wrong the weather man can be, so I figured there was still hope.  But, the day came, and there wasn't a dry spot in the area.  There also wasn't a dry eye either.  

The Mansion at Bald Hill is a privately secluded getaway and wedding venue in Northeastern Connecticut.  It's grounds are breathtaking and the feels are oh so romantic.  This historic landmark houses a premier restaurant and a most elegantly historic Bed and Breakfast.  A perfect location for a romantic getaway and even more perfect for an awesomely emotional wedding.

Andrew and Vanessa met over 13 years ago, when most would still call them children.  And, it didn't take long for either of them to realize that they wouldn't have to look any further for the one they'd spend the rest of their life with.  I felt all 13 years of their love on this day.  And, as I type this, I still feel it.  I'd like to say it was a magical love, but that's not a strong enough statement to describe the emotions that swept over all of us.  It's not very often you find what we all felt that day.  There wasn't an eye that didn't shed at least once tear, and there wasn't a heart that didn't swell with all the hope, happiness, and love the world has to offer.

I am so privileged I was the one chosen to capture such a beautiful event.  It moved me more than I can describe and I am more thankful than I can ever put into words.  Here's to you, Vanessa and Andrew, for allowing me to be apart of something so spectacular.  Here's to you DeBarging into life together with all the happiness and all the love. ;)