Me and Love and Weddings

ME:  So, as most of you can tell, and like I've mentioned many times before, I am constantly evolving.  Especially when it comes to my professional life.  I am now in a place in my life where I comfortable with who I am and what I do and I feel that I am finding my niche.  Finally!  And thank goodness!

LOVE:  Over the past couple years I have become increasing aware of life and the importance of the individual.  I love on such a deep level now that it's extremely difficult for me to comprehend certain things.  For instance, why someone would take the life of another, or why people are cruel to animals, or why we just can't all accept each other for who we are - individuals.  And, because of that, I find that I am drawn to things and events that cultivate love and kindness.  Which brings me to...

WEDDINGS:  NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS would I think I would actually want to spend my weekends sweating and obeying every command of another woman.  But, it's not the attending that I am drawn to, it's the atmosphere.  It's the uniting of two people, two walks of life, that I have fallen absolutely in love with.  At every singe wedding I have done to date I have teared up.  I have been moved in such a way that I cannot put into words the emotions that I feel.  I am reminded of why I love life and why it's so important.  I am just so grateful for this.

So, I say CHEERS to me!  And to all of those who love life as much as I do.  I look forward to continuing down the path that I am on.  I feel like I see things clearer now than I ever have.  And I am thankful for that.



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