Hi there!  Most of you reading this right now know me,  but I feel a slight introduction is necessary.  My name is Sarah and I am the mother of two tots, Liam, 3 and Scarlett, 2.  I am also a newly established photographer.  My family and I just recently moved from Gilbert, AZ to Lunenburg, MA due to employment for the hubby.  Such a dramatic move has motivated me to write about my experiences.  Our experiences.  It has encouraged me to document my children and their stories about how things are affecting them, and my reactions to the stories.  The kids have had a much easier time transitioning.... I, on the other hand, have lived in AZ my entire life prior to this move.  My blood is thin and I hate long sleeves.  But, this is exciting!  It's kind of like starting over, as an old colleague pointed out.  Even though my heart will always be in AZ, I am welcoming this experience and all it's transitions.  I hope to come out humble, less ignorant, and more compassionate - these are things that I am always aiming for, I just think the change of scenery will help encourage them further.


So, now I am blogging (we'll see how far this goes... I'm good at starting something and not finishing it all the way through).  I think it would be a neat way of informing any of those who care about our current state and the goings on of our little family.  Really, this is so I can avoid Facebook.  Here, I can post photos to appease those who need a grandchildren fix or an update, but don't want to "harass" us; and, at the same time, write and discuss my thoughts, emotions and challenges.  I do hope that I can acquire a voice that will radiate so much that it wants to be written collectively in binding.  It has been a goal of mine to write a memoir and I hope that this little blog will help influence that project.  But, my current project will be to keep this blog going for at least one year.  I intend to update every Sunday morning, so if you're interested, stop on by and have a read.  I will include the weeks fiascos, as well as any craft project we did, obstacles that were dealt with and any of my personal struggles as a mother and human being.


And, so, there you are.  I think this could be a lot of fun!  Wishing you and your the happiest of holidays and a most joyful New Year!