Love @ Shirley Meeting House Wedding + The Bull Run

If everyone reading this was coherent on October 15th and were in the Massachusetts area, you'd know that is was a most spectacular day.  The colors of fall were brilliant.  The air was pure and refreshing.  The sky was clear and promising.  It was a perfect fall day.

On this October day, love most certainly was everywhere.  And, I do believe, somewhere in Fantasyland, Cinderella wept because she hadn't found this dress first.  (I can't decide if Aurora or Cinderella has the better dress.  But, then there's this dress, and now I'm really torn ;).)

The ceremony was held at The Shirley Meeting House.  The reception was held at The Bull Run, just down the street from The Meeting House.  Both locations were in prime condition for a day like this beautiful October wedding day.

The bride and her maids were undoubtably gorgeous.  The groom and his men were men in suits, and that's all I should have to say about that ;)  But, the love.  That was magical.  And it wasn't a love that was overly expressed.  It's a love that was felt.  There is no need for words when it comes to a love like that.  

To Bobbi & Shane, may you both enjoy the wonderful journey of marriage.  It is no doubt to anyone who knows you that you will both live happily ever after.  Enjoy your beautiful honeymoon!  Until next time, namaste.

Bouquets and Floral are by Rosebude in Dracut, Ma.  Cake by Dutch Kitchen in Fitchburg.