Trying My Hand At Newborn Photography

I attempted newborn photography back in February with with my bestie's baby and couldn't do it (I got one image).  But, I love babies so much that I really wanted to try it again.  So, I had taken some maternity photos a few weeks ago and I thought I would attempt it again when their daughter arrived.  This time, though, I wanted to capture them inside their home.  Again, something that I am unfamiliar with simply because I photograph most of my clients outdoors with natural light. 

 Newborn Session, Central Massachusetts 

Newborn Session, Central Massachusetts 

I am much happier with the outcome of these images, and I thought I'd share them.  There is a learning curve when it comes to the different types of photography sessions and newborn photography is the hardest for me.  

I want to be able to give my clients everything I can and I know capturing newborn babies is one of the most important for some potential clients.  Our children are only babies for less than a year.  It's so easy to forget their small hands and feet, their little cry, the way their legs curl up when they lay down.  The smell of the top of their head, the fuzziness around their ears, their itty bitty fingers and toes.  The cuteness goes on and on.  To be able to cherish that forever is something that I really want to give to clients.

Until next time, namaste.