what are your future photography business goals?

Since I arrived in Massachusetts almost a year ago, I have been working hard to build my business.  Granted, I am not officially a business yet, but that has been my goal since I started in 2013.  Unfortunately for me, I had to start all over when we moved.  I knew no one.  I had no resources.  I had to offer free sessions so that I could meet locals and learn how things work around here (there is a vast difference between New England and Arizona/West Coast).  But, now I am comfortable enough and I feel I know enough to be able to move forward with my dream. 

I'd like to let all of my fellow beginner photographers know what I have been doing in case they are interested, or need some helpful resources like I did/still do.

First of all, marketing is tough!  I thought, "How hard can it be to get people to check out my website and book with me...?"  Well, it's hard.  Harder than I thought.  But, I have reached out to a local marketing guru who I hope can point me in the right direction.  (I will mention her and her company in another blog post... I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into just yet.)

What should a photography business use?

Some things that I have found via other photographers are applications and resources that have and will help my workflow.  Pixieset has helped me show my images to my clients through web galleries.  It is FREE and I am able to sell my prints and digital files directly through the gallery.  There are more advanced galleries out there that have more fine tuned details, but for now, Pieixset has been wonderful.

Something else that I have started using is BlogStomp.  I have only tried the trial version of this (the full version is only $39 for a single user), but the ease of file sizing and watermarking is well worth every penny.  It also allows you to set up beautiful collages (something that Squarespace doesn't have).

And, as far as my website is concerned, I use Squarespace.  It is easy to use, has many templates to choose from, and can be personalized (to some degree).  I don't have the funds to  pay someone to make my website and so I use Squarespace and do it myself.  Easy peasy.

Coon SM-2.jpg

What does a future look like for a photographer?

So, what's next?  It is my goal to have Sadie Anne Photography up and running as a business by the beginning of 2016.  Seniors, couples, engagements, weddings and families will be my primary focus.  And, in five years, I will be established enough and professional enough so that I can take Sadie Anne and make her international.  (By 2022 the hubby and I have this crazy dream to take the kids and go sailing for about a year to 18 months.  Up and down the US, the Caribbean, and through the Panama Canal.)  I have goals.  We have goals.  I will see to it that they happen.

Until next time, namaste.

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