what to do about your creativity?

It wasn't until I noticed my three year old daughter being a creative person that I realized that I too am a creative (which I knew, but I didn't think it was my calling - just something I did).  Art has always been my strong point.  Math and science were the last things I wanted to learn about.  But color, and light, and everything in between are what I have been drawn too.  And, for some reason, I always felt that because I didn't get my degree in computer programing or engineering, I wasn't as smart or as successful as those who did.  This is just simply not true.

 Flowers and Bicycles. Paris, 2014. 35mm film, Nikkromat camera

Flowers and Bicycles. Paris, 2014. 35mm film, Nikkromat camera

I know that I have said this before, but I wasn't given the same opportunities as a child as most other children.  I didn't get to try karate or ballet.  I had to grow up rather quickly and things like gymnastics were never even thought of for my sisters and me.  And, because of that, I started late in the game as far as finding something that I can contribute to this world.  But, here I am, with ideas and plans and goals that far surpass anything I could have imagined.

Where does a photographer look for creativity?

I have been inspired by some pretty fabulous photographers (Jasmine Star) and entrepreneurs lately.  They have given me ideas that will help pave the way for my photography, not only on a personal level, but on a business level as well.  Creative Live hosts creative lessons on all sorts of things from music to film, from photography to owning an Etsy shop.  If you are a creative and need some inspiration, CHECK IT OUT!  It is where I find most of my education and where I found the photographers that I admire.

Jasmine Star taught me how to market.

Because of this new inspiration, I have started to work on a marketing project that could help pave the way for my photography business.  Over the course of the next few weeks I will be planning a bride and groom photo shoot.  This shoot is strictly for marketing purposes and the budget is $100.  So far, I have spent $0 and already have a creative team and a bride and groom with a dress.  I will blog about my trials (and successes) over the next couple weeks until the actual shoot on October 25th.  

I am writing about this because I want to share with all of my creative friends out there what I am doing.  Maybe they too are in a rut and need some inspiration.  I encourage you to get out there and put those creative juices in motion.  Make them flow with your awesomeness and show the world what you have to offer.  That's my plan at least.  Until next week, namaste. ;)