Why Professional Prints Are Better Than Digital Images

I love memory cards!  They make my life easy and compact.  I use at least one daily.  Not only are my digital negatives captured on them, but they are also used for documents.  However, just like documents, all digital files are at risk of being erased or damaged. That is why I have my most favorite images printed rather than digital images.  And, that's why I offer my clients prints, canvases, and albums.

 Self Portrait.  Used a remote control for shutter release.  Lunenburg, MA 2015

Self Portrait.  Used a remote control for shutter release.  Lunenburg, MA 2015

An archival printed photograph, printed with high quality inks and pigments, can last well over 100 years.

The same cannot be said about a modern day digital file.  Investing in your portraits and having professionally printed photographs will last a lifetime.  Plus, there is nothing better than looking at toothless smiles or the memory of your wedding as a work of art on your wall.

You can't hold a digital file and admire it's smile...

Maybe I'm a sap for nostalgia, but I love the feeling of holding onto a stack of photographs and looking through them reminiscing about the good times.  There is so much more to photographs than what is seen on a phone or computer screen.  Color, texture, quality all become apparent when viewed on a wall (or even in your hands).  This is worth more than what a digital file can give.

 Hiding Behind Dad. Family Portraits, 2015

Hiding Behind Dad. Family Portraits, 2015

You can put a photograph anywhere you'd like.

Please, don't get me wrong, having a digital copy of your images is a must!  But, I'd rather a client have something to show for the time, effort, and money put into having their photographs taken.  Most clients are only wanting digital images, but, of those same clients, they rarely print those images themselves.  How can you enjoy your photographs if they're stuck on a disc or memory stick?

Finally, if you print your images from your home or local drugstore or office supply store, your images WILL NOT LOOK THE SAME as your digital images.

Each photographer who works with a professional printer has calibrated their computer to match EXACTLY what a client gets when they order prints.  Your digital files can be printed anywhere, but those printers have not been calibrated and can look orange or green.  Be careful where you have your images printed.

If you are looking into having your family portraits this season, make sure you splurge on your favorite photograph.  Find a well traffic area in your house and display it.  Show the world your family's awesomeness!

Until next time, namaste,