Why You Should Invest in Your Family Portraits

I have been researching and brainstorming a lot lately about the photography business and I wanted to talk about why I find it important for clients to invest in their family portraits and their photographer.

There is a photographer and a price range for everyone.

It's ok if you can't spend $2000 on your family portraits.  You can still invest in them without spending a ton of money.  You may not get a photographer who is as seasoned as a professional, but there are novice portrait photographers who are sill great, and won't break the bank.

Keep in mind though, you still need to do your research.  Be sure to find someone who will have a contract for you and one that has prints and products available.  Make sure you share the same values and they have a style you like.

Family portraits will last a lifetime.  INVEST in a professional photographer and fine prints and albums.

Seriously.  Be sure to find a photographer who offers high quality printed images and high resolution digital files.  

Printed images should be printed with archival inks and on high quality paper.  Archival inks can last for over a hundred years vs. a couple years from a home printer or even an office supply store.  Yes these prints and files will cost more, but you are ensured long lasting memories.

If you can afford it, the best way to invest in your family portraits is to hire a professional.  Professional photographers are called professionals for a reason.  They have worked hard to provide their clients with beautiful images and flawless effort.  They also understand the importance of time and are efficient in providing a wonderful portrait session, from beginning to end.

Finally, don't feel guilty if you spend a lot of money.

Yes, I too have spent $1700 on a photo session.  And, yes, I felt a bit guilty.  But, every single time I open that album, I have nothing but happiness in my heart and a smile on my face.  One of the best investments I have ever made.  Do the same for yourself.

Until next time, namaste.