Yoga + Photography

Yoga and photography are probably my two favorite things.  Right next to traveling and my family.  And, when I offered my most fabulous yoga teacher to let me photograph her in her beautiful studio, it was like a dream com true when she said yes.

I've been practicing yoga off and on since college and I never thought I'd love it as much as I do today - but it keeps me grounded and helps me stay in tune with my body and how it really feels.  I know how lame it can sound, but it's so amazingly true.  And science has started to come around and find all the reasons a person should practice.  Jen Miller has dedicated a lot of time in her article 18 Amazing Benefits of Yoga, According to Science to describing just that.

Check out the article and try it for yourself.   Maybe we can get together and practice hand stands and back bends... you know, when we're ready ;)