First post: bali bound?

First post of our new blog and Bali is the only thing on our mind.  That's one of the reasons I'm starting this blog venture.  I want to document our thoughts and ideas behind why we are so willing to up and drop everything here in the States to go on an adventure with a 5 year old and 7 year old.  I also want to share with others what we're doing to make this dream happen, how we're doing it, and the struggles that come along with planning something like this.

Another reason I'm starting this blog is because a lot happens in life and I simply want a place where I can write it out and save it.  Whether anyone wants to read this is not the point (although, it'd make me feel damn good if you did ;) ).  Life just seems to go faster and faster and I don't want to miss a moment of it.  So, really, this is more for me than it is for you, but I do hope you get something out of it as well.  If anything, it's a bit of entertainment for ya ;)

So Sarah, what's this plan of yours?  And, why on Earth are you doing it again??

So far, this is what we have in mind:  Let's move to Bali and live happily ever after.  There ya go.  Ha!  Really though, that's the gist so far.  We visited Bali in December of last year and absolutely fell in love with the culture and people.  I have been trying to get our family to do more international travel for years, and there have been so many reasons why we haven't been able to  (plus, The Hubby was not on board because of all the what-ifs).  But, once we visited Bali, minds changed - especially his.  The Hubby can't stop dreaming about it (especially the choice waves) and I can't stop finding a way to make it work.  And, now that I have him on board, there's no turning back.  Not even a chance.

As far as work and money and all that, those details are still in the making.  However, with the help of Dave Ramsey and his financial makeover, we will be completely out of debt and fully cushioned by time we depart.  And, currently, our ETA for departure is the end of 2019.  This is conditional and will more than likely change, but that's the goal and I hope we can stick to it.  Fingers crossed.  Mid 2020 is the very latest we will leave (two major reasons our departure date could change are the selling of our home and the life span of Star, our 13 year old lab mix dog.... Star wouldn't survive a 36 hours plan ride, and rabies is a huge issue in Bali, so we couldn't take her., but we certainly won't leave her behind either).

We are a work in progress.

About the middle of last year we decided that we wanted to sail the Caribbean - this was our idea of escaping the daily grind and traveling.  Mind you, I'm a desert rat and The hubby only wishes he could sail.  But, we bought a dinky little sail boat anyway and moored it in Rhode Island.  After a few attempts of sailing and taking the kids out, three out of the four of us just couldn't do it (only The Hubby enjoyed himself - and that was only when the motor worked!).  So, now, we have a sail boat and a whole new idea, which has nothing to do with sailing.  Flying to Bali is much easier.  Via American Airlines that is.  Anyone want a sailboat?  We're basically giving it away!!

What's next?

We are currently working on resumes and finding volunteer opportunities that can help fill our time while abroad.  Our kids will be homeschooled and get a hands on experience in the whole adventure.  We work on our Bali plan almost daily and will do so until we are in flight.  Until then, I will continue to document our journey and sharing withy you all what life is throwing our way and how we're figuring it all out.  Thanks for reading along!